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Weddings (with or without a reception) and Quinceaneras

Q. Why are Weddings, Receptions and  Quinceaneras, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs grouped together?

A. These three types of events are grouped together because they are a major life change in a woman's life.  

The Quinceanera is  a party where a girl child becomes a young woman, a lady. She leaves behind her childhood and becomes an adult.

A wedding, we all know is where man and woman leave their parents home and become one. Even if this is a re-marriage it is a symbol of leaving behind the old and cleaving to one another in the new.

A reception (like the party following a traditional Quinceanera ceremony) is the party for the new in one's life to be celebrated. 


Big Mike has performed at several Weddings, Receptions and Quinceaneras in many different locations. He is considered a Wedding/Reception/Quinceaneras specialist in the industry. He has DJ'd in parks, hotels, churches, homes, etc. If you can perform a wedding and hold a party in a location Big Mike has, most likely, DJ'd in a similar spot!

 General Info:

 When I play at your Wedding/ Quinceanera, I charge for the ceremony, not by the hour. I start music about half an hour before the ceremony begins so your guests have something to listen to and I play music for a little bit after the ceremony ends. (Music MUST stop so I can move to reception location but it will play while I move what I can without stopping it.. guaranteed 15 minutes of music after the ceremony)


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