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School Events

General Interest School Events: Craft Fairs, Back to School Parties, Homecoming, Halloween/Fall Festival, Christmas/Winter Holiday, Valentine's Day, Prom, End of the Year 


Specialized Events: Congratulations/Reward Parties for jobs well done (met a goal, did a great job, did above and beyond) etc.


I used to work with the Pike's Peak Library District and  I have done the What If?? Festival 2 years  in a row, Read and Rave for two years in a row, Anime Prom, etc. I have worked with Remington Elementary for two years now, The Space Foundation, American Cancer Society, Horizon's Middle School, Spring Spree and many other organizations. 

I love to do games, raffles, announcements, shout outs to different vendors at a craft fair, ("Hey, in booth 41 they are selling some awesome pot holders, go check them out"). This is always a big success and draws people in. They tend to stay longer to enjoy the fun and doing this brings a whole new fun atmosphere to the Craft Fair. This also means they tend to SPEND more money! Many fairs ask each vendor to donate an item to a raffle and this brings in even more money for the school, I am more than willing to donate to this raffle as well. I also play music that is appropriate for the occasion. The music can be top 40, country, kid songs, classical, jazz, holiday or any other genre you prefer or a mix. I play games such as the Limbo and dance games which are always a big hit. The winner gets a prize that I provide. 

I provide the craft fair service free of charge and just ask for space near the door to set up. I have a six foot table and do need electrical access. I also ask you to book just ONE event with me through the school year at my low low school rates. I work off of the budget that the school has for the event and we go from there. A sample list of the types of parties that I can do is at the top of this page, if you have other parties or events you are interested in having DJ'd/hosted, let's talk!

I also have a curriculum for a say no to drugs/alcohol/violence/gangs event that works in conjunction with the DARE program. My events can be during school hours (especially for the Congratulations and the education show) or after school hours. Booking these shows helps the school have a sense of community, gives the children a night in a safe place to meet with their friends and get to know their staff. The educational shows help teach something through a fun event and show a positive side to an industry that is becoming scary for our young children to enjoy. 

I would love to see what we can work out! 


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